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I love that picture.

AA is such a dumbass. I have said it in other threads so I may as well say it here. I cannot fathom why he thought it would be a good idea to bum rush a guy like fedor with his hands down like that. If you are going to be stupid enough to try a flying knee on fedor, at least get your dukes up man, come on!

He was doing fine, throwing straight punches, he backed fedor up a little bit and then jumped the gun like a virgin in the backseat of a car on prom night. The worst part is that he should have learned his lesson about getting over aggresive with the second tim sylvia fight.

He set his career back big time with that little move. He was talking about going in to pro boxing after this fight. How the hell is he gonna go into pro boxing after a one punch knockout like that. Where does he go now?

We all know he's got a glass jaw, but now he's become a human highlight reel.
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