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Warm up run, wheelbarrow plyos. Technique was single leg takedowns against a person of opposite stance, it was real nice to have a class of takedowns geared towards me. The first single leg was pretty simple, trap the leg with your head on their chest, and back up in a circular motion. The second was a bit trickier, stepping out and pulling them towards you, reach across the front for the double, step inbetween their legs and bring your back arm high on their back to tip them.

Technique on the ground was more stuff from "half-back". A basic move to grab the wrist and ground and pound. Then another to trap their closest heel by stapling it between your closest knee and foot, then grab their other ankle so they're basically stuck and then get swinging. Finally from half back we learned to roll them in while the hand thats on their hip comes up into an arm triangle. I think I've got a firmer grasp on arm triangles and might start sinking them more often.

We rolled from a stand in the clinch. First guy I went for a single leg but he sprawled. I eventually recovered and took mount, and eventually his back where I stayed most of the round and gnped. Tried to rnc but couldnt get to his throat. Second guy was in my side control and half guard most of the round. I kept trying to reguard while trapping his arms so he couldn't punch, but I couldn't improve my position. I finally snuck out and took his back just as the round ended. Third guy was a younger kid so I took hi down lightly, mounted, then starting helping him get out of mount, take me down, etc. I still armbarred and triangled him though.

Class over. Fun stuff. My shin splints won't **** off.
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