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One of the main criticisms of the UFC is that fighters are kept around because they're fan favorites rather than because of their skill level. It is blatantly obvious that popular fighters are given easier stepping stone fights to prolong their UFC career and I'll even go as far as saying that the judging is biased towards the fighters who will draw a bigger audience...I'm not going to start rattling off examples because I think it will just start a big argument about specific incidents, but c'mon, you cant tell me you haven't seen some questionable decisions where the scoring went the way that was best for the UFC's bank account regardless of what really happened in the Octagon. But the fans are like goldfish and they forget about it by the time they reach the other side of the bowl and life goes on...

So how does all this relate to showboating? Well when personality starts to become a bigger draw than talent you're not a real sport're "entertainment" and you're a joke. I dont want to see that happen to MMA.
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