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I don't pay too much attention to the shirts, but aren't damn near every one of them just a sponsor shirt anyway? What is wrong with that? No different than any other sport with sponsors
If you're not familiar with tito's shirts, it has nothing to do with sponsorships. No other sport does something like when the Eagles win the super bowl or something and wear jerseys that say "Dolphins are gay."

I can totally see that being crossing the line. Him being a jackass is fine (especially when somebody quiet like Chuck knocks him out, makes it that much better), but here's a list of tito's shirts:

"I Just ****ed Your Ass"
Gay Mezger Is My *****
"I Just Killed The Axe Murderer"
"That's American For Whoop Ass Mate"
"I Just Killed Kenny, You Bastard"
"Punishing Him Into Retirement"

The first two especially are overboard. Showboating is fine, I think it should be encouraged. Go all crazy when you finish a round, because if you get knocked out in the next, makes the win that much better. I think the T-shirts are a little much though.

I am sick of people calling out people they have no business doing so, that is annoying. Koscheck can't pick who he wants to fight he recently called out Diego and before he even fights him he is calling out GSP? (from what I heard.)
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