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Originally Posted by TYKIDD
Your an idiot most of the posts you put on here are stupid. Nothing crazy is happening. UFC wan'ts guys with personality because they are easy to market but if you don't win they can't market you. Watch Pride they have fighters doing freaking dance routines down to the damn ring. I can't even think of a time where i was like wow thats just over the top. A grave digger routine or a T-Shirt doesent take legitimacy away from MMA. If you think so your stupid. Period.

Well you're entitled to your matter how moronic or imbecilic it may be. Perhaps you're just one of the new type of fans who doesn't care about skill or just wanna see a good show. Well maybe TNA or WWE is more up our alley. Maybe you're not intelligent enough to enjoy the nuances of a real sport. But hey that's okay, you're a doofus, just roll with it
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