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Originally Posted by Mr. Bungle
Well you're entitled to your matter how moronic or imbecilic it may be. Perhaps you're just one of the new type of fans who doesn't care about skill or just wanna see a good show. Well maybe TNA or WWE is more up our alley. Maybe you're not intelligent enough to enjoy the nuances of a real sport. But hey that's okay, you're a doofus, just roll with it
Your the moron that just started watching the UFC. You asked for fights to watch the other day. Name me the great fighters and the fighters that are the most marketable. Guess what they are the same. Chuck Liddell is the most marketable fighter in the UFC. Guess what? He is also the best fighter in the UFC. Winning makes you marketable regardless of your antics. Tito does some stupid crap but guess what he wins thats why he is so marketable. Quinton Jackson is a hilarious guy and talks plenty of smack and junk like that but he wins. If you talk Sh** and don't when your just some retard that is completely unmarketable. People like fighters for many reasons and people hate fighters for many reasons. Chuck VS Tito is going to be huge and that is great for the MMA. A lot of that is because Tito acts like an idiot. Guess what with out those new fans MMA wouldn't be where it is today. Wise up.
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