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Bas Rutten's possible return!!!

I just read this from MMA Weekly...

Bas Rutten is a legend in the sport, boasting a 27-4-1 record. Is the 41-year-old contemplating a return to the ring?

When asked about the recent rumors that heís coming back, Bas responded, "I think Iím interested, but Iím just training. I have so many injuries. I started training with those guys, and my injuries started going away. Right away, everything started to blow up. Everybody starts making assumptions and everything, but Iím just going to wait and see what happens with my body. Iím training for what, three weeks? I havenít trained in three years, and havenít fought in seven. Iím just working my body, just like this morning, I trained. From there, Iím just going to see."

Rutten continued, "Itís been a long time, but you know what? I sparred the first day... it was a terrible sparring session. The second and third day, I started dropping people with liver shots all over the place, so it came back so fast. The only thing, Iíve got to start rolling now. It will be my first roll workout... the rest of it is just power training, strengthening my arms and everything, so Iíll be in good shape for it."

Rutten's last fight was against Kevin Randleman in May of 1999 at UFC 20: Battle for the Gold, where he won by decision to capture the UFC Heavyweight Title.

Put on the spot by MMAWeeklyís Ryan Bennett and asked if he wants to fight again, Rutten answered, "Yeah, the itch is definitely there. Iíve got the bruises. My foot is swollen, and everything is back... and you know what? To tell you the truth, man, I missed that. I feel like Iím alive again. Itís really cool. I feel really good."

Bennett followed up by asking, "Give me your percentage of Bas coming back to fight between now and the end of the year." Rutten responded, "I think thereís a clear chance, like 80 to 90 percent. Thatís good. If I keep going like I do now, I see no problems."

Bas added, "Randy [Couture] doing it, in a way made me say, 'Man, come on, man.' We're both going to open a gym next month. We just got the keys and everything. I said, 'Iíve just got to come back.'"

If Rutten does return to MMA competition, which organization might be choose for his comeback fight? Bas provided a not-so-subtle hint when he said, "What about Pat Miletich fighting Renzo Gracie in August? Theyíre going to fight in the IFL, and so the coaches are going to fight each other, and God knows, there are going to be four new coaches coming, and maybe Iím going to be fighting one of the other coaches."

It certainly sounds as if Bas Rutten will be making a return to MMA competition, and we'll keep you posted on his future plans as more details emerge.

I realy hope El Guapo returns to the ring.
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