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Originally Posted by Deadpool
I think you may need to work your transverse abdominus. Just wiki the muscle group for a better idea of what it does, but when a lot of people don't see results its because that area of their core isn't well defined. Basically a simple exercise to see if you've managed to work that area as well is simply sucking your stomach in as far as possible, as if you wanted to pull your belly button back to your spine. Hold it for 5 seconds (make sure not to hold your breath). Release, hold it for 10 seconds. Release, and keep going upward with 5 second intervals
Althought i have never hear of this meathod (i'm not knocking it ,i dont have enough info) the best way to get your abs looking "cut" is to keep up what your doing and to work your core the T.V.A muscles ,suprisingly the best way to do that is with those gay looking ball exercises , they give you a good base for the rest of your abs .
And don't for get to work those ohh so forgoten obliques,and then my friend its cardio ,cardio ,cardio then diet ,diet .

Good luck
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