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Tito Lacking Focus Before The Big Fight

I have noticed in the past couple weeks that Tito has been appearing at award shows and on talk shows (Howard Stern Show, Quite Frankly, etc.) quite regularly.

I think this is a sign that he doesn't have the focus for such a big fight. In all his interviews he's saying that he wants it more than anything and his training is going good, all the travel must be taking some kind of toll on his training routine by now - I would think. He's all over the place doing interviews and crap with his girlfriend. He CAN'T be up at Big Bear, if he's doing all that.

Haven't really heard much from Chuck lately, so it seems that he is focusing much more on this fight than his challenger. Where is Chuck? In The Pit. Getting ready for Tito.

And Tito says he's planning on stalling till the later rounds...? The way it is going now, Tito might be lucky to get out of the first round without getting KO'd.

Your thoughts?

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