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mma proves kung fu is useless

For years people wondered about waht fighting art is the most effective. MMA finally gave them the chance to prove it and from what i seen, most martial artists were willing to take part.

All except kung fu. They know it sucks thats why. Sticky hands, monkey punch, iron fisted eye gouge, dancing like a swan, posing like a bird are all fancy moves to do and look at but practicaly USELESS in a fight.

Ok so these kung fu losers say mma is a sport and not real fighting? different does a real fight look to a brutal mma fight anyway?

If confronted on the street, are u kung fu guys really going to gouge someones eyes, snap thier necks? kick their balls? Are u really going to be that lethal? hmmmmmm?

U think the mma guy who fights in the ring wont be just as lethal on the streets as u? Ur deluded man.

Ok, so the mma guy who trains, spars and FIGHTS IN THE RING (which is the closest to a real fight which is legal) is ineffective cos its a sport right?

So somehow, u think by practising wing chun sticky hands against a stationery fellow wing chunner, TALKING about how u will do this, do that, practising eye gouges but NEVER taking this to the ring is A REAL FIGHT? hahaha!! Yeah right.

Until u kung fu losers have the guts to prove urself, dont lead people astray and convince them ur art is efficient for the street cos its not. All ur doing is sending ur students to the death chamber.
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