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Welcome to the board, kangaroo.

I trained in kung-fu for 5 years. It was clearly better for a high schooler to train in a martial art rather than MMA. I'd do the same thing with my kids.

Now that I have that background, I'm currently training in MMA. It helped me formulate a solid base for my training.

Originally Posted by kangaroo View Post
If confronted on the street, are u kung fu guys really going to gouge someones eyes, snap thier necks? kick their balls? Are u really going to be that lethal? hmmmmmm?
If confronted on the street (assuming by guys who want to hurt you), you're saying that you wouldn't be that lethal? You'd have the cognitive capacity to hold back at appropriate times? Or would you snap the elbow of the guy holding the knife?

Originally Posted by kangaroo View Post
U think the mma guy who fights in the ring wont be just as lethal on the streets as u? Ur deluded man.
A lot of kung fu techniques are based simply on self defense. MMA is competition. UFC bans groin shots and eye gouges and the like. Those aren't competitive techniques. Those are low blows to be used only when confronted with a situation that requires defense.

I've seen kung fu guys defend themselves on the street and kick ass. And I'm sure it's gone the other way, too.

However, if you're trying to say that a guy training only in Kung-fu wouldn't do well in the octagon, I'd entirely agree with you. We've seen it before.

Again, welcome to the boards.
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