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mon: some offensive/defensive continuous sparring with my daughter, my older daughter is now interested in TKD so I did a little pad work with her, ran 2 miles, at 7 we have TKD conditioning for 1- 1.5 hours, hence the light workout this afternoon.
tue: 4 mile run. avg pace about 9:45. I never said I was a sprinter.
wed: 4 mile run, same pace as yesterday, 15 min bike. I don't want to drop my speed to get more distance but I might have to, but first I'll try adding in more speed intervals.
Thur: 15 min warmup (jump rope, pushups, situps) TKD (olympic rules) sparring, Olympic rules denotes full contact but I don't have much ground fighting, I mostly just use the throws/rolls/falls that I know and bug my teacher to show us more. TBH this is the only type of sparring that scares me a little because 1)I don't do it enough. 2) My boxing/slip/bob and weave could always use improvement and it's very easy to get rocked if you don't move fast/cut the ring easily.
Later: My jab is weak for TKD sparring purposes. I kept reverting to hooks and uppercuts b/c it's easier to throw my body into those punches. I was able to block all headkicks though and get a couple in myself.
Fri: Started running on the treadmill at my dojang only to discover the belt skipping so bad it nearly threw me off repeatedly. I did bag work instead.

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