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Haha thanks man, I appreciate it.

To those of yall who read t-nation, TRY MECHANICAL DROP SETS!!! And if you dont, right now, go to and find that damn article.

Theyre like normal drop sets except instead of changing the weight you change the position.
So here what I did yesterday

Steep Preacher curls
whatever 2 35lb plates is on an EZ Bar, I think 85?

45 degree same weight

to burnout, think I got to like 15

CG Bench
med grip bench
normal bench

Did this twice before we got kicked out of the gym at school for noise... What the hell?

supposed to do it 4 times, not sure my arms could of made it. They just hurt now, not even sore, but hurt if I touch them... Feels great. Also, the benching was easier than I anticipated, so I think I will revisit heavy ass benching, I figure I can max out a bit above 300, once I figure out what it is, I'm going to set a goal of +35lbs before I graduate... We'll see how that goes.

Oh and... the steelers still suck.

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