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Originally Posted by TheNegation View Post
I'm pretty sure I failed a 130kg deadlift like a week before hitting 134kg x 4 a while back, so I know how that feels. Sometimes you miss shit you know you can handle.

So how ridiculouslt out of this world massive is a guy like Rychlak face to face?
He's actually not as massive as you think. Though he is still pretty big standing next to me. From what Chris tells me he used to be a lot bigger, apparently he lost a lot of weight. His calves are huge. But other than that if you saw him walking down the street and you had no idea who he was, he wouldn't look that impressive.

There were some other guys there walking around that if you saw them you'd be like dude, your going to die from all the steroids.

There was another guy that was a judge and trains at westside barbell and me and my buddy darrell were like "dude, where is this guys neck?" and his upper body was massive like he was pulled out of a comic book, yet his ankles were like toothpicks and he was walking around like he had just had surgery on both knees.
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