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Originally Posted by Onganju View Post
Okay guys, I thought I'd add a thing or two to this. If you have the choice of one set of striking training gloves, I highly recommend these: IMF Tech Training Gloves.

These gloves are awesome. The fit and feel are easy to get into due to the molded foam setting. They offer a lot of protection for both you and your sparring partner (unless you are hitting them in the head repeatedly) and still provide a bit of feedback to let you know that you are hitting your target solidly.

The cuff is a velcro closing with an elastic cover sleeve that helps support your wrist and protect your partner from getting scraped up or "velcro-burned." It's a small detail, but it sure as hell helps if you do any sort of clinch work.

The gloves are a steal at $64.95. They are comparable to IMF Training Gloves offered by Ringside. In fact, since they are from the same manufacturer (just branded differently) they are practically identical in function and fit. The new IMF Training Gloves by Ringside are simply the new model in a different color and finish rolled out this season. At $25 price difference, they are a hell of a deal.
Would they do triple duty for pad work, bag work and ground fighting?

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