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I'm pretty sure he means it in the terms of "Why the hell would a network with sports in it's name already add the word sports to the end of it's name again" stupid way (Entertainment and Sports Network).

I always find it interesting that dudes who enjoy watching two grown men beat the shit out of each other demand fighters to be so politically correct and proper.

Whatever happened to loving the crazy mofo's in MMA. War Machine isnt the best fighter ever, in fact he pretty much sucks. The cat has given one fight though thats pretty freaking awesome in my eyes so he could be a satan worshiping puppy beater for all I care.

What the **** do you expect from the guy? He gets his head beaten in for a living.
Because the majority of us dont see it as two dudes beating the shit out of each other. We see it as an art and the people who are uneducated just see it as two dudes beating the shit out of each other. He is the exact opposite of the image that we are striving towards and the sport does not need people like him in it or anywhere ****ign near it IMO. I realize the "speaking your mind blahblahblah" but John is ******* reaching for attention like every other ******* myspace whore out there, not trying to voice his oppinion. He's basically trolling the MMA world and shit needs to stop. I don't care how big of a celebrity (or in his case small of one) you are, you do not make open assassination threats against the ******* president or you WILL lose your job. He should be blackballed from MMA now.
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