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Originally Posted by Steeda3
People are acting like MMA is something new....The fact is.....It's not... Bruce Lee discovered this back in the 60's.....It really shows how much ahead of his time....he really was......The things Matt Hughes, Royce Gracie and other fighters are doing now..Bruce was preaching about back then. Lee once told a reporter in Seattle back in 61 "Teach a man alittle bit of Boxing and Jui Jitsu and he would be unbeatable".

I was a little skeptical about this fella at first...but the more i read about him....The more i admire him....a one of a kind fighter....I wonder how he would have done in the UFC. He probably wouldn't have like it with rules and all...JEET KUNE DO was the worlds first Mixed Martial Art.
AMEN PREACH IT FROM THE MOUNTIAN TOPS.. I Been saying bascily the same thing for awhile now

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