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Originally Posted by TheNegation View Post
He's a 130lbs 16 year old, not a fat 40 year old woman. What I had to eat today.

Breakfast:Sandwich with two slices of pork and onion and three slices of thick cut pork.

Snack:Two slices of toast with Jam

Lunch:Two cajun chicken breasts with pasta and veg.

Snack:Peanut butter sandwich

Snack: Dennys breast in a bun with a large milkshake

Dinner:Chicken Breast with potatoes and veg.

I also ate an apple, a pear, a large quantity of milk and some porridge. And about 4 cups of tea.

Right now I am eating two choclate scone things my sister made which are awesome. Later I will eat a can of tuna and some more peanut butter before I go to bed.

^Thats a days worth of food.
I could eat what you just prescribed in one sitting.
Good god you greedy barstuard
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