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Sun 2-08: 4 mile run, bike 10 min. I can run uninterrupted longer than before but I would really like to to continue to increase my speed, my priority is distance but I'd like to get closer to a 9:30 mile.
mon: rested. legs hurt a lot
tue: 1/2 hour bag work, jump rope and abs. then more jump rope with intervals for curls, hammer curls, kickbacks, assisted tri dip, etc. also some shuffle/squat thrust drills. I'm probably going to TKD at 8 but it's likely to be boring one-steps AGAIN.
wed: 4.5 mile run. 10 min bag work at the 2.5 mile mark, finished up the last 2 miles after the bag work, it was the only time I could get to the heavy bag b/c some meat beater was on it the rest of the time. TKD was primarily kicking drills and kind of painful b/c I had increased my speed running.
Thur: was made to stay home and clean out a closet and help clear other crap away b/c of painting. I wish I were making this up.
Fri: 4.5 mile run, 10 min bike
Sat. Never again am I going to allow a demanding child to drag me to the mall on one of my make-up workout days again NEVER.
Sun: 3 mile run, heavy bag work, 15 min bike.
Lest you think I just throw haymakers and lame roundhouses at the bag and call it good, I will break it down for you.

blitz (backfist/cross), then I build on it: backfist/cross/elbow/elbow/hook/uppercut/roundhouse 5x.
then I go to double jab/cross, hook/up/elbow/elbow
then side kicks from back X stance, 10 each side, I intersperse this with single jab/cross/hook/uppercut
then flying knees b/c they're fun and I believe may have some plyo benefits.
then front or crescent kick/roundhouse
Then I go back to the beginning if I can't think of anything else to do.

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