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People really need to learn how to see the big picture here. A couple of points most posters here are missing.

First of all, how is BJ a better striker then Florian. Saying that is literally like saying boxing is a better striking art then MT. Sure, BJ's boxing is great, but it's only about as good as Kennys MT, so I really don't see him accomplishing much in the standup. On top of that, BJ only has about 2-3 rounds to finish Kenny before he gasses and Kenny brings the apocolypse down on his ass.

Second of all, GSP's camp has BJ identified down to a T. So this can be a very important information for Kenny coming into the fight, especially with Dr. Jackson coming up with an assisting game plan.

Third, since I've already established in my mind atleast that Kenny's going to win in the standup, if he can stuff BJ from taking him down, it will be a huge part in deciding whether or not he will win. Training with GSP's camp will improve his wrestling by lightyears. And lets not forget how quickly Kenny improves, so this may get his level of TDD to where it needs to be so that he can stop BJ from taking him down. And while it might not aid him in taking BJ down specifically, it will aid him in his offensive wrestling as well which will be very benifical in the future. Also, his only threats at LW other then BJ are Sherk and Deigo. I think most people will agree if he can stop them from taking them down, it will mean victory for him.

So overall, this fight comes down to TDD, and training with this camp my be enough to bridge the gap between Kennys TDD and BJ's TDs. Furthermore, even if Kenny loses, this will be a very valuable learning experience that will bring him much closer to becoming the best fighter in the world. If he continues to train with GSP or atleast more specifically on wrestling for a year or 2, I think he will actually reach that title, and be able to beat BJ by then.

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