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Originally Posted by Superman55 View Post
How unrippable are these shorts lol. I bought a $40 of sprawl shorts, and there are already two small rips in the sides after like 2 weeks of practice. I need something tough.
Also, do you guys do team deals?
Hey Superman, you already know i'm going to say our shorts are super tough but I really do mean it. They really are strong shorts. Our fighters love them.

As far as team deals go we absolutely have a different price range for teams. Teams qualify for wholesale pricing. Just to give an example I think the minimum order is 5 or 6 peices and the top of the line ToughGuy shorts run about $28.00 a pair for team orders which is a sick price. I can send you a wholesale list anytime just let me know where to send it.

Originally Posted by TraMaI View Post
Mine are pretty damn good. Went through months and month sof training and two fights. Ended up giving them to my uncle to hang in his Tat shop because they got all bloody and looked badass. That and I won another pair from a raffle at my fight HAHALOL.

Need to buy me some of them black ones though Tony. Or you can just send me some >:[
Thank you very much TraMaI, that is always good to hear. That is a very cool story too man what a great place to showcase those bad boys. I wish I could just send a pair tra but I get yelled at for giving everything away. hahaha, I can't help it.

Originally Posted by Superman55 View Post
Sound really good. I am going to have to pick up a pair soon, before my shorts completely rip.

Question, with my Sprawl shorts, when I got them, it said they were XL, which is the size I wear. The waist fit, but they were a bit short, like 3 inches above the knee. I was wondering if these are longer, and would reach my knees lol
The shorts run exactly 21" long. I hope that helps. As far as sizes go we run by your waist size instead of S,M,L. It's a more accurate way of getting your size correct. If you need anything else just let me know gentlemen.

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