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1. What do you guys tend to do at your gyms?

We usually spend 10-15 mins of warmup drills, followed by 30-40 mins of techniques then the last 30-40 mins is sparring (best part )

2. Can dudes grapple with girls?

I'm not sure about other gyms, but where I train the girls are very tough and our instructor always puts them with guys (because there is only a few girls).

3. Do you get sweat on a lot while on the ground?

It depends if you sweat much, but keep in mind that in sparring it is not uncommon for both of you to be sweating a lot. I've had instances when the other guy was on top of me, and I basically had a shower of sweat dropping down, not nice.

4. Is there a gayness factor? Not trying to be insulting/offensive but are there some typical criteria to follow when im on my back and a dudes on top of me?

I don't know about other people, but for me, not at all. A lot of people have asked me this but I've never seen it that way.

5. Is it weird to start, or will I become acquainted with guys being in these positions with me?

Same as above. For me, it was never weird but if it is at first, you will most likely get used to it.

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