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Question Ever thought about turning the Dark Side? (Figuratively Speaking)

You know when you bust your ass in the gym, eat religiously, get plenty of rest and you still can't move weight that you should be doing and look like you want for how much time you put in?

Then you think about using something wether be steroids or Prohormones or Designer steroids etc?

Do any of you guys ever think about steroids in depressing times like those?

I can actually say that I do it frequently. I used to look in Flex and M&F all the time and say man I wish I looked like that. Nowadays I have to stop myself from looking in them because it's depressing.

I think about using steroids all the time since they are pretty much a phone call away.

I actually got so angry about it a few months ago that I decided to take Halodrol-50 but I only took half a dose before I realized I shouldn't do it.

Do any of you get tempted?
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