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Man thats a good question Walker. Been training with weights since high school that was almost 20 years ago, never really stopped, go at least 3 but mostly 4 days a week, train real hard, dont mess around in there.In 2000 a gym friend asked if I wanted to buy some deca durabolin. He said he has been on it for years and If I wanted to get some good gains I should try it. I never even imagined he was on roids, I even thought most of the cover shots on body building mags were natural! I was to say the least naive. At the time I was 5'10" and weighed 180-185 on a good day and was using protein powder and creatine. I bought a cycle, about 3 months worth and took it 2x per week. Within 2 months I weighed around 200lbs and my bench press went from 225x6 to 275x6 and 225x18 incredible, plus I never got sore had way more energy. The size and strenghth lasted a couple of months after the cycle and then I slowly returned to exactly to where I was before ever using Deca. Never did it again but thought about it often. I have a new outlook on how hard people lift now, after trying so hard for so long and seeing way lazier people sit around and get huge I just think how they probably cant stop using ever cause its real hard going back to where you came from and getting sore with tiny gains again. I wont use em again cause it would be too hard to stop and Im getting older and look pretty decent anyway. And Deca is one of the more mild steroids.
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