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Originally Posted by cmfisher View Post
1. The weird part is more than likely going to be having your ass handed to you for the first few months. Stick with it and don't be so paranoid.
Oh hell no. I shall not be owned xD.. ok i might be but we'll see. Yea I purchased a GI and a white belt. I also need a cup as a lot of people stated and I took their trial course. I plan on joining and rolling when I get back from all the bullshit on the 14th.

Originally Posted by wukkadb View Post
And on a side note I've never kissed a guy. What the hell
lol okay, I was drunkish and we were playing a game with some girls and that kiss got me lesbian love in a shower so shit happens (no i didnt get laid, but it was a great show)

I've been in boxing/kick-boxing for years and years xD its just they are like 2 feet or so at least away from me and with this stuff hes on top of me right next to my junk and my legs are wrapped around him :P

wukkadb! Yes I watch mma, I have for a long time. But its different for me in that situation, ive been in a lot of bjj positions before and.. they were in the bedroom so it makes me feel weird, and I felt some anxiety just watching. But ill give it a try and see what happens :P

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