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Pepes training log

So i decided for some motivation and whatnot to make a training log and to keep track of my progress.

today i made some decent progress, got a little ticked at the fact i thought my bar was 35lbs and it's 17.... but whatever.

i weight 172
have like a 20%bmi (it's bad i know)
in the morning i take fishoil a multivitamin and a glucosamine/chondratine pill

protein-ON 100% whey protein
creatine-ON pre-load creatine, and for post workout i take SIZEON
glutamine-usually with breakfast its just a little scoop with 4g
and i put oatmeal with my protein for excess calories and carbs

i go to a martial arts school do some grappling all around mma training

at home at night i lift,

my workout goes as follows
wide grip pullups-bw 6x3
neutral grip-bw 6x3
bentover rows with db-65lb each hand 8x3
elevated benchpress with 145lb 8,8,6 reps three sets
squats 175lb 8,8,10
deadlift 225 8,8,10
arnold press 45lb each hand 10,8,8
closegrip benchpress-100lb 8,8,8

any tips or just some words for motivation are much appreciated, i'm just a 17yr old dude trying to get stronger. part of the reason i'm doing this is because i think i'm weak for all the hardwork i've done and maybe this log will keep me pumped.

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