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Originally Posted by -GSP- View Post
I hope you don't do that workout night after night consecutively. Try breaking it up if you can. Maybe go:

Day 1 -- Back (pull ups, rows, deadlifts, shrugs)
Day 2 -- Upper Body (chest, shoulders, tri's, bi's)
Day 3 -- Legs (quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves)

Otherwise it looks like a decent program that'll bring some strength gains your way. I imagine it would be hard to keep enough energy to push yourself through such a grueling workout like that.
hmm i mean i would try some of those workouts, but i try to do compound excercises. and i would try to do that but i just don't know that many excercises for those areas, mainly because i use my basement and all i have is a barbell and adjustable dumbbells, i have no machines :[

but thanks for the advice i'll look in for some workouts to mix it up
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