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Originally Posted by IronMan
I assume he's just renaming what is, in BJJ, a straight collar choke. (a bulldog choke is an entirely different submission on a much higher level, and it is done FROM THE GUARD!) The steps for a collar choke are as follows:

1) Place your hands on the back collar of your opponent's gi so that your forearms are crossing their throat. If this is done in no-gi, you can grab the back, grab the clavicle, or press directly on the ground.

2) Apply downward force for a choke.

It's a basic choke, so it's pretty simple.

Here's a bulldog choke:

1) While in your opponent's guard, allow them the lift their legs up so that they are in a triangle position, they have both legs past your arms or their legs are in your armpits. My preference is to let them slide into what they think is a triangle, while I keep my arm close to my body and eventually pop it out, so that their legs are resting on my clavicle.

2) Control their legs by pushing down and forwards. Don't push their hips over their body, because then they roll over. Let their hips stay in front of them so that they have some control over you, but not much.

3) Apply force to the throat and push their legs towards their chest so they feel as though they are being crushed. It's a very uncomfortable position.

Note: The bulldog choke is an advanced submission, but not because it's effective. It is only used at high levels because it requires a massive amount of lower body strength to be able to maintain control of the legs and keep them in a tensed position without allowing them to just kick you back and prevent you from applying the choke or putting you easily into butterfly, full or half guard. Just generally, in my opinion, a bad choke against an even mediocre submission fighter or a good athlete.
the bull dog choke im talking about is from the mount. Your mounted on some one and you place your pinkly knuckle on there trachia (sp?) and from there you slide your right arm under the back of there head and grab your wrist and you close it like a vice. Kinda like a guilitine
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