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Originally Posted by Evil Ira View Post
dya think ufc undisputed will be better?
Two completely different styles of games. WMMA is a sim/manager type game where you take control of a promotion and guide it through everything. I like these types of games, just because it's a different take on the whole genre. I like being able to groom an organization from nothing to a mainstream UFC type org.

I don't think Undisputed will have anything like that, since the UFC refuses to acknowledge the existence of any other MMA. I remember when I first heard about Undisputed almost 2 years ago, and I got really excited, and sort of mapped out how I thought the gameplay should be (almost entirely analog and shoulder buttons), but my excitement has been tempered by the gameplay videos I've seen. Unfortunately a lot of the animations used seem very canned and similar to the ones used in old UFC games (look at the "sweeps" in the new gameplay videos in particular... if you can even call them that). That being said, I think Undisputed will still be by far the best playable MMA game created, just because the current best MMA game of that vein is PRIDE FC, which was made like 7 years ago.

I just hope the character creation/development in Undisputed is in-depth, because that's always been what has held back other MMA games (aside from gameplay).
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