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rawr so tired >_<


You are 130lbs at 5'11"... I am 165 at 5'9" and I think im small. You must be like a toothpick.


protein mix + banana + oatmeal + peanut butter + milk


protein shake + lean/midcut bacon + turkey sausage + toast /w jelly + w.e you want on it + milk/OJ

This is actually a complete waste of my time. You are not a fat**** and you're looking to build muscle and gain weight. So eat a protein shake 1-2 times a day, eat a lot of clean foods/proteins, like chicken breast or lean beef. You can eat whatever you want, just try to take in an adequate amount of calories/carbs/proteins. Avoid junk food and fast food, no sodas, drink as much milk as you want.

Guys like us don't have to worry about weight, we have to worry about quality of weight. But just gaining muscle = easy dieting.

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