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mon: went with both my girls to TKD, it was 1 hour of cardio with the usual drills/running laps/plyo/etc., this time he added a near-constant shuffle so it worked us but wasn't boring drudgery. It is a multi-age class and a lot of fun, I had to keep myself from laughing when I heard my girls bickering when they were doing one of the partner drills. "you're doing it wrong!"
tue: 4 mile run, speed intervals between 6.5 and 7.0, recovery periods between 6.0-6.2, heavy bag combinations. I had to use my sport gloves b/c my grappling gloves don't cover my second knuckle and my knuckles get cut up.
wed: 1 hour TKD drills, primarily roundhouse variations. fun but I got kinda dizzy with the roundhouse/turning roundhouse combination, 2 min. each side, pumping roundhouse up and down the floor w/out letting my foot touch the ground, etc. great cardio esp. for a wednesday, running laps around the dojang also. nice
thur: had to stay home and help work on the f*cking kitchen again
fri: ran 1.5 miles on the scary belt skippy treadmill at my dojang. sat. and sun. are going to have to be awesome workouts to combat the lameness of today and yesterday.
Sat: 4.5 mile run. I ran one 9:30 mile at the end which is a big deal for me. My older daughter went too and worked on the heavy bag, I was so proud. She was born without her left hand, she has about 1/2 a forearm, so we use resistance bands to help her work that shoulder. From ice skating and soccer she has a LOT of power in her legs and good balance so I'm totally thrilled that she is showing such an interest in taking TKD/boxing/working out with me.

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