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Instead of watching Saulo's set I started on Demian Maia's Science Of Jiu-Jitsu. Watched volume 1 defending the guard pass and volume 2 the triangle. I feel like I retained quite a bit and might pull off a few fancy moves in the future. The triangle bit had a few that were especially useful because they're pretty common positions I get myself into. My favourite was when you fail a kimura or a kimura sweep you can do a fancy swing straight into a deep triangle. That moves going to be in the back of my mind until I land it.


Caught the tail end of learning a little choke from mount. Seemed pretty savage and effective, not sure what it's called but it's a pretty basic forearm into the throat kind of business.

In rolling I rolled a blue belt and the two white belts that always seemed to give me trouble. There wasn't any tapping for anyone, though I almost landed a triangle from mount, it was just a little sloppy as I had just watched the technique the one time today. Positionally I probably had the upper hand on the blue, but the other two whites had the upper hand on me. For some reason I was pretty exhausted again in rolling today, no real reason coming to mind for why this would be. I guess once again I need to pay more attention to relaxing while rolling..

I've been thinking sinc I'll be training at the pro gym on wednesdays now, I might just do the full BJJ class on monday. We'll see how this week goes.

Tomorrow I'm gonna do some solo muay thai in the morning and then do the MMA class that evening.
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