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bjj today. An hour and a half straight of live grappling. I did about 20 minutes of situational mma sparring before hand. Class was with Jim Kelly and we rolled the whole time. First guy I went with was like 240 but a beginner and not real athletic, I tapped him probably 25 times or so but he wouldnt tap to armbars lol I would just let them go and keep going. Next I went with a guy who probably weighed 175 or so and he was a little bitch. Everytime I would get position on him he would be like "hold up" and either pretend to be tired or hold his knee (torn meniscus, doubt it). The worst part was that it never failed, everytime I would take his back or get mount his knee would miraculously fail on him. Next I went with Yancy and I tapped him twice, once with a triangle and once with an arm triangle and he caught me in some sort of arm triangle-esque choke. He is bigger and a little bit better wrestler than me, and his stamina is great and he dominated me positionally but I was able to sweep him a few times and catch him a few times. I was able to keep him in my guard for the most part and when he got position I was able to scramble out. I also went with Paul(another 170 pounder) and he caught me in a guillotine, I kind of froze up for some reason and forgot any defenses. I passed his guard 6 or seven times and controlled as far as positioning, he is not bad, just out of shape. Then Jim went over our strengths and weaknesses, he said I need to avoid front headlock chokes better and as soon as someone starts going for one immediately protect my neck. I also got gator rolled with an anaconda choke by Yancy that was very tight and I weaseled my way out of it but he got the mount from it.
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