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Bad boys bad boys!
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Don't leave your jab hanging out there too long.
Once you've fired your punches, get them back to your face instantly.
Fire your punches from your guard(lots of people drop their hands before they throw a punch and show it from a mile off).
Don't get too predictable. Mix things up a lot. Use little nuances between your strikes to keep people quessing.
Never flat foot with your backfoot. Stay on your toes so you can quickly get in and out of the mix. If you're caught flat on your feet with a punch, you're going straight off balance to the matt.
Keep your feet equal distance appart like they're tied with rope. One foot moves; the other follows.
Don't cut yourself off when circling. Your lead foot should be facing his back foot and your back foot should be facing his front foot.

Can't think of much else.

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