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BJJ to start out. Just technique which was nice because im pretty sore from rolling yesterday. We did two half guard passes which was helpful because all I really had as far as passing the half guard before was instep on the thigh and pull your leg out. Drilled those for a while and that was class. I got offered a fight by a promoter who was at our gym today for April 25th. Hopefully I can take it but the plan is if I win this fight I will be fighting for the belt April 18th on my coach's card. If I am healthy though after that fight I would be more than happy to fight two weekends in a row, we will see.

After that I got a mile and a half on the treadmill. Took a nap on the mat and then muay thai. Started off running laps, then shadowboxing with sprawls. Then Kimura situps. Then we did partner drills, jab counters and jab cross counters. Then we practiced trapping kicks under our armpits. Good practice, I got a good sweat going. Wrestling tomorrow. I weighed out at 154.2 so I am ahead of schedule I will eat a little bit more than usual tonight to even things out.
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