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The Fortress, they call it. The pro gym.

I had no idea what to expect, to be honest I was expecting some ghetto setup with some mats and bags. I drove an hour or so out into farm land, got through a big electronic gate, and drove around to this huge building. Go inside, and it's huge. Boxing ring, massive amounts of mats with fencing along half of it, half a dozen or so bags, a big bar, a big setup of reclining leather seats surrounding the biggest projection television I've ever seen. The screen must have been 10+ feet across. Up stairs there was a full weight room, but I didn't venture up there. Showers, sauna, etc. I didn't know there was a place like this in my province.

Anyways, so I got in there and started stretching and warming up. Saw a few familiar faces but was mostly unknown. I'll point out now that I was an idiot and forgot my mouthguard at my other gym. What does that mean? I couldn't spar, and it was sparring day.

I kind of sparred anyways until they noticed I had no mouthguard, I had driven an hour so I had to at least try. I got paired up with this guy that was no joke about 290lbs because I was the closest to him. He was stocky as hell so I figured I'd just backpedal and jab to set up other things. He comes out with headkicks and bodykicks galore and takes me down with a rhino charge. I was fine, but it was pretty wild, and the guys got all nervous about us crashing into the smaller guys sparring near us so we got moved to the ring. Anyways, once I got told not to spar because of the no mouthguard thing I talked to the 290 dude and he seemed pretty nice and wants me to keep coming out so he has big guys to train with. Sounds good.

I hit the bag for a few rounds, and got to see some of my trainers in action, which was pretty inspiring.

I feel like a tool for forgetting the single most important thing, I swear my mouthguard was in my bag, oh well! Now I know I've got alot to work on. I'm going to put some extra hours in this weekend and have my partner put on some gloves and shin guards and just pound away on me until all my nervousness is gone in the pocket and I can function and react properly. I feel way out of my element at this gym and need to step it up a notch.
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