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Originally Posted by scovedog View Post
lost all my points on bj anyone spare a few, it would be great, dont want to be a begger. thanks i like betting just no good at it
I'm new to this forum, I was laughing when I read that.

Penn is a bitch, he is acting like a spot of vaseline lost him the fight. My question is this... why didn't you just stop trying to put him in a triangle if you saw the vaseline? Why didn't you beat him on the feet, or get him in an armbar or heelhook or something?

Oh, that's right, because you couldn't, because you got manhandled like the bitch you are.

I hate BJ Penn, and if you backed him, you deserve to lose all your points.

Penn wanted to fluke his way to a win in that fight, and then retire with 2 belts, and GSP thoroughly spanked him.

SO f**king what if there was vaseline... vaseline didn't win the fight on the feet, and Vaseline wasn't put anywhere but the small of his back and his shoulders, so why didn't he just start working his legs?

Penn has no talent at all, he is bendy, that is about it... I can't believe someone would be stupid enough to bet everything on Penn... even if it was just points.

My first post, I hope it doesn't get me banned...
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