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Originally Posted by KEELr View Post
Here's some Scandinavian input on the name Lesnar, and all I can come up with Is this.

"Le" means "Laugh" In Norwegian and "Snar" means "Quick" in Swedish.

Brock LaughQuick.. doesnt quite have the same ring to It.

Or you could add Lesn()r instead of the A and It would be "Le Snow"

FunnyNot coneivable though imo.

Anyway, like many people say he probably has a lot of Scandinavian and some German ancestors as well.
States like Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan are the staes with the most Americans with Scandinavian heritage, most often Norwegian and Swedish,some but less Danish.
Ironically, California is the state with the most danish-Americans.

Fun trivia: In danish "kamp" means "match" or "fight". So Martin Kampmann really lives up to his name.
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