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Training question and introduction

Be cool but jk.....

New here been trolling the hell out of this place since I found it at work, Not sure if this is the spot but just wanted to say hi.

Alot of you are very well educated on MMA and its good to find a team of people who I can talk to about the small things MMA "Most friends/Girlfriend/family have little knowledge"

Just wanted to know if anybody was a former or are still trainning fighter. Would not mind knowing if anybody here has had trainning in MMA if so what kind of style are you doing and into?

I trainned in about 10 different Styles, I started to train for UFC right after UFC1 when I watched at the young age of 12-13 "I think" Lol I was doing tae kwon do at the time. I trainned in the gracie camp before Royce got huge, but life owned that dream so now I am a couch warrior, I am about to start trainning with Richardo Almeida "he lives down the street" and thought I need to surround myself with people of this type.

Just a little bit about me

This is by far the most grown up board so I feel pretty good about not being flamed for once, just wanted to throw that in so the adult posters who keep it good know they are doing a good job, much respect.

move the post if its in the wrong area lol.

I have a ninja boss so my post have alot of spell errors etc because of ALT + tab and quick Typing
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