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The Crack-Down & Attacks (for Tango87)

Alright, so Tango87 wanted me to walk through the crack down, which I first picked up from wrestlers and modified for gi grappling and judo (where it destroys people). I have trouble setting it up in MMA, because fighters don't really lock up the same way. They use the Greco clinch instead of the head/collar & arm grab.

So, this opens by grabbing the back of your opponents head (which looks like a dirty boxing clinch, or a wrestling head-pull) and your opponents tricept.

When I do it, I drop the elbow of whatever hand I have behind the head into my opponents clavicle and drop my weight down, as if I'm looking for a shot or a knee-pick, but I don't commit my weight. When they drop down to keep me from getting under them, I yank down on their collar or their head and drop my weight down on top of their head and neck.

I sprawl my hips out because some guys will try and grab a leg as if they were shooting, then I secure a front head lock grip (one arm in).

From this position there are a bunch of great attacks, gi and no-gi. I really wish I had some pictures, because while the crack-down is pretty easy to walk through, these moves are not.

The first is the brabo choke, for which you set up a reverse arm triangle and roll your opponent onto their side (and you'll be on your side as well). Then walk your legs towards them. This is kind of an oversimplification, without much detail. See Babalu vs. Sokoudjou for a pretty good example of this finish.

There's a nice straight away guillotine from this position if you slide your body down so you can wrap your arm around the head (you don't need to go to the guard to finish the guillotine, just squeeze the neck and drop your hips down).

There are a few gi chokes, and I'll go into them if you want. Those are the ones I really want pictures of.

Really, though, the best option is to do what you should do from the sprawl, which is spin for the turtle and look to take the back and finish from there. That's the real "position-before-submission" BJJ principle.

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