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Well he has never said those words, but he is making a big enough fuss about a spot of vaseline.

Bj Penn makes excuses, it's what he does... he doesn't train, he doesn't fight to win, he just gets in the cage and he expects people to fall at his feet.

People like you are stupid enough to believe in him... give me negative rep all you like, but it's the truth.

Penn expected to be able to half arse his way into the record books, he believes his own hype.

he didn't earn the title shot, and clearly he has lost his memory, because he has lost his last 3 at 170 now.

So... negative rep away, go for it, but the fact is, you were stupid enough to actually bet on someone who had lost his last 2 at 170 fighting the best fighter in the world.

grease or no grease, Penn came to that fight unprepared and it angers me how his camp keep talking about the vaseline issue. He needs to come out and say it "I didn't train properly, I didn't work hard, I didn't come into this fight prepared"

But like I said, negative rep me until you are blue in the face, but it won't change the fact you were dumb enough to back Penn.

I just wanted you to know that for coming clean about neg repping me, I just gave you positive rep...

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