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Kajan is off to fight this weekend in Montreal, I don't doubt that he'll kick some ass.

Muay Thai.

Skipping, shadowboxing, heavybag. The people preparing for a fight went to the ring to spar. We did 3 minute rounds with people switching out after they've done two rounds. I did about 8 rounds total. Getting more comfortable sparring, getting better with footwork, throwing in combos, relaxing and breathing, and a bit better with the nervous energy.

MMA, warm up run, pummelling, technique was some basic work from side control, americana, armbar, kimura, and two escapes. Rolled 2 rounds starting from side control. It was pretty back and forth in both rolls, got a triangle from mount.

This weeks almost done. Shin splints were acting up in sparring, I've ripped a big blister on one of my big toes but it's all wrapped up now so it shouldn't be an issue. I also kicked an elbow with my ankle, feels okay now, we'll see tomorrow. Other than that I feel pretty good. If I feel good tomorrow I'm going to do a lift day as well as have my partner attack me and keep working on those defensive skills and get more comfortable getting smacked.

My sleeps been terrible for the past 3 days. 5-6 hours at most even though I give enough time for 8. I feel tired all day but once my head hits the pillow my mind won't stop. It's really frustrating putting all your effort in to do this right and then have something as simple as a sleeping problem holding you down. Dropping all caffeine didn't even help. I picked up some nighttime tylenol and feel it setting in now.

UFC tomorrow!
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