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Allright im behind a few days. Thursday I went to my high school team's wrestling practice to help out getting ready for the post season. Good workout, some live wrestling, drilling, and running.

Friday I did a conditioning routine where I ran back and forth on the mat 5 times, 4 times, 3 times, 2 times, and then 1 time. And then the same thing from 3 times but running backwards on the way back. Then power bounds with a medicine ball across the mat, then lunges. Then sprawls onto a ball then a pushup and then jump into the air for two sets of 10. Then jump rope, and carrying a 100 pound throwing dummy around on my shoulder. I also did some hurdles. I dont remember the exact order of everything but you get the drift. Conditioning.

I got a little nap in on the mat and then we had mma sparring which was pretty rough. All bigger guys except me and Troll but good sparring either way. No shin guards and not full power but I got some nice big lumps on my shins anyway.

This morning was muay thai, good technique session with some play sparring which is very light. About two hours followed by some jiu jitsu drills. Had to have my shins rubbed down by Neal which may have been the most intense pain for like 45 seconds I have ever experienced. The lumps are flattened out pretty good now though.
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