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I gotta do this backwards:

Today: Upper body

One arm military press 4 sets with 40lbs for 15 reps/supersetted with alternating one arm curls 4 x 15 w/ 30lbs. W/ a burnout set on Mil. press

One arm incline press- 3 x 10, 60 lbs /ss w/ one arm lateral raises 3 x 15, 25 lbs. w/ burnout set on incline

Machine row(one arm alternating) 4 x 10, 180 lbs./ss w/ bosu ball reverse flyes with band 4 x 15

narrow grip lat pulldown 3 x 10, 165 lbs/ss w/ 20 push-ups/ss w/ dumbell shrugs 3 x 10, 65 lbs.

low back raises- 3 x 15, w/ 25 lbs.

overhead triceps press(1- arm) 3 x 10, 40 lbs. (first time I've done this one in a long time)

Wrist curls and reverse curl series(1- arm)- no rest 3 sets of 15 reps- 20 lbs for rev wr. curls/ 30 lbs. for rev. curls

Abs- hanging knee raise 3x 25/ss w/ bosu obliques twist/one side at a time 3 x 20 per side/ss w/ 3 x 1 minute plank holds on bosu ball

incline cable flyes 4 x 20, w/ 50 lbs.


Abs series: hanging obl knee raises/ss w/ optiball obl(s) and crunches 15 per/ floor plank 1 minute hold with alternating foot off the floor for 15 secs

Swimming- 30 laps


Running 4 miles
Decline abs w/ 10 lbs- alternating obl with crunches 20 per for 3 sets
machine bike- 30 mintues


Easy cardio day- 30 min EFX/ 30 min bike/ 30 min EFX- not pushing hard on the resistance( I did abs but forgot which ones)

Sat. Lower body

Plyometrics- 4 x - 1 minute jump rope/45 sec box jumps/ 45 sec toe taps on box/ 45 sec lateral jump

Squats(smith mach)- light day for reps- 185 x 20 x 2, 205 x 15 x 2, 225 x 12 x 3

lunges- w/ 35 lbs dumbbells- up and back the floor is 1 for 3 sets

leg press- 450 x 12, 540 x 8 x 3

Calf press off lg pr mach- 120 lbs/ alternating toe positions- 3 x 25/ w/ burnout on last set

Hamstring curl- 4 x 10, l20 lbs

cable knee raises(w/ ankle attachment)- 3 x 20, 70 lbs.

seated calf raises 3 x 20, 90 lbs w/ burnout @ 45 lbs

gay butt things( it's machine where you put your leg on the pad and go backwards) 3 x 20, 145 lbs.

seated hamstring curls 3 x 20, 110 lbs.

crab walk with resistance bands 3 sets of up and back

abs(can't remember)


Swim- 30 laps preceded by abs



I about 90-96% sure on the weights and reps but I don't write anything down and I use a old bodybuilding technic called "instinctive training" for my weight days- basically I have a general idea of what I want to do but don't stick to it always, depends on if the gym is crowded, I'm sore, etc.

I train for triathlons- first one in 11 weeks, so I do less weight w/os and when I do it will be massive supersetting with low weight/high rep and my run/bike/swim w/o will increase with two-a-days and then combo w/o closer to the event.

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