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Desire, Dedication and Determination. Killer Instinct's Training Log

Desire - Dedication - Determination
How much do you want it?-Desire
How much pain are you willing to endure?-Dedication
How much adversity are you willing fight?-Determination

Before I begin, allow me to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Randy Kimery Jr.: I am 17 years old, 5'9 between 181-184 pounds and not your average teenager. I am extremely dedicated to everything I do, especially anything that involves competition. My entire high school career I have never participated in the use of drugs or alcohol simply because I want to keep my body in perfect shape.

I began training in sixth grade doing pushups and crunches every night and gradually that routine became more advanced and more taxing. Upon entering high school, I started playing football and took up weight lifting. Instantly, I was in love with two things at the same time. I dedicated all my time to perfecting my craft, on and off the field but alas it was to no avail. Freshman year I didn't play simply due to inexperience. Sophomore year my coaches didn't give me a chance to show them what I could do. Junior year, I was removed from the team due to off the field issues. This is when I started lifting five days a week. I was determined to come back my senior year and dominate and finally show the world what I could do. Each day was spent pushing the iron for at least 2 hours a days and then studying film for another hour or so. Football was the only thing on my mind and by the time try outs came around I was in the best condition of my life.

Then, my world fell out beneath me. On the second day of tryouts my little cold had completely bloomed into a terrible case of mno. I couldn't eat, breath, sleep, all I could do was try to survive. Despite the pain, I practiced for three days before finally saying that I couldn't hold up any longer. I was constricted to my bed for 2 weeks, recollecting all of my training and how it all meant nothing now.

After the two week tortue, I went to the doctors only to find that my spleen had become enlarged due to the mono and of course if I was to get hit in the side hard enough, it would rupture and I would bleed internally. Brushing aside the warnings, I tried to play but had to completely change my running style (I played running back). It was completely ineffective. As the weeks progressed, my spleen finally came down to normal size and again I was ready to play. Then, during the first drill of my new return I seperate my shoulder.

Talk about bad luck. Even though my shoulder was out of place, I suited up for our game that week and paid the price. Everytime I was tackled, an immense amount of pain surged through my body. Needless to say, despite my efforts I had to take myself out of the game. So there I sat, on the sidline for the rest of the season watching all my dreams fly put the window. The amount of mental stress that I endured was off the rictor scale. To this day I still do not know how I did it.

Fast forward to a week after the season ends and there I am again, lifting 3 days a week and running 2, my normal, intense, routine. I continue this for a few months. I was a weekly viewer of UFC on Spike and got another crazy idea...'I'm going to be the best MMA fighter of all time'. My goal was set, so I joined a class that is run at my local gym and I have been taking those classes for about a month and a week now. I am in love with the sport and I can see now that God didn't intend for me to play football, he want's me to fight. And I am glad he does.

A long read, I know but I intend to post my daily workouts for everyone hear to read and hopefully become inspired through my hard work and effort to become a better fighter and person in the process. My weight training teach once said, "Shoot for the moon because even if you miss and come short, you will still be among the stars"
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