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This week has already been a great week. Monday was my normal upper body and ab day, yesterday was my running and ab day. I operate on a basic schedule, Mon-Upperbody and lowerbody and abs. Tues-Running, abs and an Iron Gym workout. Wed- My out of the ordinary day, as you will soon read about. Thurs-Running and abs and boxing. Fri- Upper and lowerbody and abs.

Anywho, I have always wanted to push my F150 for a workout so today I did. My friend and I (His name is Josh), drove up to the local sports complex and I got to work. I pushed The truck (which weighs around 6250 lbs.) for half a mile. The sensations I got hile pushing the truck were the most intense bruning and hurting sensations I have ever experienced. But as I like to say, 'Pain is weakness leaving the body' I pushed through and completed the workout.

Josh sat in the driver's seat as I pushed the titanic vehicle in the 40 degree weather and of course me (I swear I'm crazy) thrw the shirt off and got done to buisness. The situation was ironic because the complex is also a popular hangout for the local druggies so of course they were amazed by my performance.

Out of the ordinary? Yes. Great work out? You know it. I am going to attempt this workout again next wednesday because I really feel that it did a great job working my legs. And of course to be a good fighter, I need strong legs. So for any of you who have ever wanted to push a truck around? I say go for it.
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