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Originally Posted by wukkadb View Post
If you want strong legs you should squat. Pushing a truck/car around is a great workout though, especially for teh calves, cheers to that.
Yeah, I just wanted a change of pace from the normal. My normal leg routine consists of one day of-

Front Squats 135 lbs. 4 Sets, 25 Reps
Straight Leg Deadlift (between 135-155 lbs) 2 sets, 12 reps
Calf Raises 135 lbs. 4 sets, 50 reps

And then another routine I do at least twice a week is

Leg Extensions on the leg machine, 90 lbs. 3 sets and between 30-50 reps

Leg curls on the leg machine, 90 lbs. 3 sets of 30-50 reps

And then of course on my running days they get a great workout. I will go more in depth with that when I complete that workout tommorrow
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