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Originally Posted by wukkadb View Post
Damn son, those are some strong lifts! Any video proof?
As of right now, no. But I plan on getting my training sessions taped in the comming weeks. When my name gets put up on our wall in the weight room for achieving Ultimate Iron Man I will take a picture of that and put it up on here.

Basically at my school Iron Man works like this. There are four types of Iron Men, Iron Man, Super Iron Man, Ultimate Iron Man and Atlas Iron Worker.

For Iron Man, you multiply your body weight by 6 and then you have to reach that number with your four core lifts. Upon completion of this, you are rewarded the opportunity to buy a shirt.

Super Iron Man works a little differently. There is a set weight for each lift that you need to achieve (they are currently slipping my memory) Upon completion of this, they again reward you the opportunity to buy a shirt.

Ultimate Iron Man is where the good rewards come into play. For this, You must bench 240 one time. Power Clean 220 one time. Deadlift 450 one time and Parallel Squat 330 one time. After completion of this, your name gets put up on the wall with all the other great lifters of the school's past. T

he names start back in 72 or 73, when the school was founded and continue up trhough now 09. Sicne I was the first to achieve Ultimate Iron Man in 09, my name will be the first under the new banner.

As for Atlas Iron Worker...No one has ever accomplished it. You must bench 350. Squat 500. Deadlift 575 and Power Clean 275. As I said, no one ahs gotten it yet. Some have come close, but they havn't gotten all four of the lifts.
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