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Originally Posted by southpaw447 View Post
I take in double my weight in protein so around 350g per day.

Depending on when I take whey or protein blends, I'll have 1 or 2 scoops.

When I wake up I have 1

Before my workout I have 1
After my workout I have 2

I take 2 scoops of blended protein before bed.

It is better to get Protein from food sources but my parents rarely ever buy anything thats high in protein on a regular basis. Everyone but me in the fam in on the low carb, low fat bullshit.

So I have to resort to Tuna, which I'm really getting sick of, I don't even chew it any more I just swallow it and wash it down with water.
Originally Posted by Terry77 View Post
This. I don't even take the stuff anymore and if anything I've lowered my body fat and still maintained muscle. I figured if I'm eating eggs, peanut butter throughout the day, milk, nuts, chicken breast, beans, whole grains, fish, moose, beef, there's no need to throw anymore on top of that. Extra calories you don't need and there are cons to overdoing it with protein.
No. No normal food can replace a pws consisting of whey and maltodextrin.


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