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Originally Posted by RaisingCajun View Post
I dont believe the stat at the bottom of the page about Mac users going back to Windows.

"Once you go Mac you never go back" ... that is my slogan.
the first gui computers i ever used were macs, its what we had through 90% of high school. they crash often and run far slower than pcs in my experience. my friend eve got a mac book about 6 months ago and we used them for design as recently as last year. they suck ass seriously. you know how frustrating it is to try and make somethimg in photoshop when shit crashes every 5th layer? extremely. Sure they are more user friendly than windows at times but you'd still have to be full on retarded to crash your PC as much as fanboys claim.

Last time windows crashed on me was probably about two years ago. And fyi, bsods have almost nothing to do with the OS, its generally a hardware issue. Its a memory failure (meamimg ram). Dont want a BSOD? upgrade your ram and you'll get them 99% less i garuntee it. RTFM plz

/mac rant

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